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for one’s overall health maintenance.

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You can expect these Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits

You'll get much more than just a greatly reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, arthritis, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases. You can also expect your Omega 3 benefits to include younger looking skin, thicker, shinier hair and healthier, more flexible joints.

A big plus, since fish oil has been proven to reduce all forms of depression and mood swings, is that with omega 3 you can experience an overall feeling of well being and happiness for the rest of your life – naturally.

As it's not the easiest thing to get all of your Omega 3 benefits from your diet alone, you'll probably want to supplement your diet with a good quality Omega 3 supplement like Joint Venture Omega 3.

Studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition show that DHA and EPA:

And that's not all. The benefits of Omega 3 also include the prevention and reduction of painful inflammation from arthritis, bursitis, colitis, asthma, emphysema and sports injuries.

Other Omega 3 benefits include significantly lowering your risk of:

What about flax seed oil?

The entire Omega 3 family of fatty acids is found only in fatty fish. Salmon, albacore tuna, sardines, anchovies and herring are the best natural source Omega 3. These Omega 3 fatty acids are not found in lean fish, such as cod or halibut, fresh water fish or shellfish. Plus they're not found in flaxseed oil.

The Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are the EPA and DHA fatty acids and the Omega 3 fatty acids in flax seed oil are the ALA fatty acids. It is harder for your body to get the Omega 3 out of the ALA fatty acids and that’s why it’s so important that any Omega 3 supplement you take be derived from fish oil.


To protect your "body and soul" from a whole list of chronic illnesses – from head to toe - it's best to eat more fatty fish and supplement your diet too. With good quality Omega 3 supplements, like Joint Venture Omega 3, you can make sure you're getting all the essential fatty acids that you need on a daily basis.


Each 1000mg capsule provides 180mg EPA and 125mg DHA

Side effects

The intake of up to 3 grams per day of omega-3 fatty acids from fish is regarded as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).


Take up to three capsules daily after meals or as prescribed.

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